Lake explorers

Just a few minutes’ walk from our home base, you can easily reach the calm waters of the Belis-Fantanele reservoir. The lake stretches over 13 km and reaches depths of more than 100 m – just the perfect place for lake explorers! In the mid ‘70s, when the dam was built, 5 villages had to make way for economical “progress”. Their ruins lying underwater nourish the local legends that tell of the curses of the former inhabitants forced to leave their homes. And yes, during dry summers, the ruins of a church tower dating from the beginning of the XIX Century pierce the water surface as a reminder of the stories left behind. After all, we are in the birthplace of fascinating legends about strigoi – the real Transylvanian vampires; urieși – giants roaming in the mountains above, or vâlve – fairies, protector spirits of the woods, waters and all the nature around. Unlike its turbulent history, the calm waters of the lake leave us speechless with their beauty again and again.