Welcome Home!

At the highest point in Smida, enjoying the view over the whole valley, we welcome you at ielele – our accommodation. It consists of four old Transylvanian wooden houses, fully restored with a healthy mix of traditional methods, ecological friendly materials and thousands of hours of handwork. They date from the time where houses could be disassembled, loaded onto horse-pulled carriages, and relocated to new pastures. You can rent a house for yourself, or book a fully guided tour. We can welcome up to 14 guests and offer you traditional delicacies.

The name – ielele – is inspired by the legendary Romanian spirits of nature, who take the form of beautiful young women, sometimes dancing in the forest, under the full moon. Protective, soothing, but also vindicative, they are deeply woven in the fascinating Romanian folklore. Each of our houses is protected by one of them 😊